A Soldier Called Preacher - Joseph L MatthewsThe first thing to know about me is that I am comitted to living my life as much as possible in a way that brings glory to Jesus Christ. I have been married to my beautiful bride, Julie (Peckham) since September 7th, 1996. The Lord has blessed us with seven beautiful children.

I love the outdoors and most activity associated with it. Some of my favorite pastimes are hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping or just sitting against a tree in the sunshine with a good book. I love family activities with my wife and children, brothers, sister and their families and our friends, who I consider extended family.

I do not consider myself a theologian, though I have read my Bible through about once a year since the fall of 1999. I am passionate about knowing God’s word and trying to convince others who claim the name of Christ to be as passionate about it as I am. In addition to just reading my Bible through, I regularly have and continue to do focused topical or passage studies to understand a concept better.

A Soldier Called Preacher - Joseph MatthewsI’ve been an Army National Guard soldier, serving in three different states and holding three different jobs; military police, generator mechanic and truck driver. Within the course of my military career, I’ve had opportunities to work in many different capacities, including many not directly relating to my job. It was in this way some friends gave me the nickname, “Preacher.” During an Annual Training event many years ago, I was holding Bible Studies for those interested. At night I was sharing my faith with anyone who would listen. Within those two weeks I believe I had direct impact on 30-50 soldiers and indirectly possibly affected hundreds of others.

Really, this is just a nutshell. I’m a pretty simple person, though some may think I’m pretty complicated at times. For ‘strangers’ who visit and wish to know more about me, feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy your time here and return often.

God bless you!

~ “Preacher” (aka – Joe)

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